About The Kids With Cancer Society

The Kids with Cancer Society is an Edmonton-based organization providing vital programs and services, free of charge, to children and families facing the challenges of childhood cancer. 

The organization finds its roots in 1979 amid a group of anxious parents. Their children had cancer and feeling alone, they knew something had to be done. A shared passion and lots of hard work led to the creation of the Kids with Cancer Society. Over 40 years later, KWCS offers more than 50 diverse programs and services to support families on their unique journey.  

The Kids with Cancer Society provides important tools to help families manage the challenges and demands of treatment along with the accompanying stress. These tools address the emotional, educational, accommodation, financial, and survivorship needs of families from both a therapeutic and recreational standpoint. 

The free of charge programs and services provided by KWCS serve: 

  • Children between the ages of 0-17 
  • Residents of Northern Alberta and NWT 
  • Siblings of children with cancer 
  • Childhood cancer survivors 
  • Bereaved Families 
  • The childhood cancer medical community 

Where does my donation go?

When you donate to a driver through Horsepower for Hope, you are exclusively supporting the Kids with Cancer Society. Our generous corporate sponsors make it possible for 100% of the donations we receive to be passed on to the charity which, to date, totals over $350,000.

After your donation changes hands, it may be used for:

For many families, having a child diagnosed with cancer carries significant financial implications and can result in one or both parents having to leave their jobs in order to provide care for their child. The financial support programs provided by KWCS make emergency funding available when other options have been exhausted. 

The Kids with Cancer Society provides free accommodations at their facility, Papa Ken’s House, for out-of-town patients and their families when no other options are available. 

In order to improve the outcomes of childhood cancer, now and in the future, KWCS recognizes the need to support new and ongoing research. As a result, they have made funds available to aid general research projects, clinical trials, purchase new equipment and The Muriel and Ada Hole Kids with Cancer Society Chair in Pediatric Oncology. 

In addition to providing funding for research, they also donate money to provide an improved hospital experience to patients. This includes child life activities, professional development, teen room upgrade and educational resources. 

Receiving the news that a child has been diagnosed with cancer and the ensuing journey may be the most difficult thing a family ever has to face. Their lives change forever in an instant and they are surrounded with unknowns. Having access, free of charge, to a trained professional to help them navigate this new and uncertain territory is truly indispensable. 

A goal for the Kids with Cancer Society moving forward is to support the needs of survivors through programs focused on their continued growth. Your support will make new programs and services like this one possible. 

Horsepower for Hope sincerely thanks you for your interest in this wonderful charity. If you are looking for more ways to support the Kids with Cancer Society and their mission.